Job Opportunities at Camp Summit

We think that working at camp is an amazing opportunity, and are happy that you are considering Camp Summit. Our enthusiastic staff range in age from approximately 18 to 30, which includes our Senior Staff Team, Program Instructors, Counsellors and Resource Staff. We are committed to sourcing and retaining creative, child centered team members.

All of our staff have a strong interest in children and their development, and demonstrate this through their dedicated care of campers and students. Our approach to staffing is to provide as much as we can to each staff members to give them the tools to make a significant and lasting contribution to the experience of each of our campers.


Current Job Openings


Staff Applications are OPEN

Spring 2020 - April 5 - June 19   (training April 5- 10)

Summer 2020 - June 23 - August 29   (training June 23 - 27)

Fall 2020 - September 1 - October 30   (training August 24 - September 1)

We are ALWAYS looking for new applicants at any time of the year, and would love to see your applications come through our system.  Our hiring process is continuous and we often have various opportunitites available at all times. 

If you have any qustions about our hiring process, or would like some more information about current availalbilities, please contact Emily Kalil at or call our office at 604-898-3700.

* We are happy to offer contracts for multiple seasons, as it is common within our staff team to work one, two or all three seasons.  For example, working both Outdoor Education seasons, Spring & Fall . 



All of our staff must have a minimum current 8 hour Emergency First Aid and CPR certificate. Certifications must remain valid through the entire contract period. Certain program positions may require additional qualifications. Applicants who are offered employment during Spring, Summer or Fall  must have a Criminal Record Check done and clear.

Individuals who wish to apply for employment at Camp Summit must fill out a Staff Application online before the deadline.  Please keep in mind that some of our positions for the Summer may be filled. The hiring process will continue on an individual basis until all positions are filled.












Job Opportunities